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WorkAir successfully protects the back and chest with its vital organs. It inflates the bag in just 40 milliseconds.
The triggering algorithm
The brains of WorkAir is its sophisticated triggering algorithm, which constantly analyses data from the sensors of the inertial platform embedded in the electronics to detect when the expected crash conditions occur and send the trigger signal. WorkAir's algorithm has already accumulated 2,000 hours of real-life testing in which it has demonstrated reliable behaviour.
DPI certified
WorkAir is a highly innovative protective device, and current regulations do not provide certification procedures suitable for an advanced system. For this reason, D-Air Lab turned to the Notified Body Dolomiti Cert which, in collaboration with the University of Padua, developed a certification specification specifically designed for WorkAir. WorkAir successfully underwent the demanding series of tests that concluded with the award of certification
The WorkAir's hardware is designed with reliability in mind, which is why it employs quality components from well-known companies that offer all the technical guarantees essential for a DPI. Power is supplied by a lithium-ion battery that provides 18 hours of continuous use and can be recharged via a USB-C socket. Connection to gas generators is ensured by an IP54 waterproof connector, while an LED signals the status of the system to the user.
Use scenarios
In the first case WorkAir protects from a minimum height of 1.2m and can be worn over the normally worn clothing. In the second case (from 2m) it also protects against the worker's leaning against structures below the work surface and can be worn under the harness.
The product is currently only available in EU countries
WorkAir gilet workers
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