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FutureAge is a smart belt that protects the femoral head and hips in the event of a fall by deploying laterally-placed airbags. This device allows elderly people and those with motor difficulties to regain confidence and autonomy of movement in every action of daily life.


FutureAge is designed to sit on the iliac crests and provides protection from side falls, which often result in fractures to the hip or head of the femur: its algorithm can recognize whether the fall will occur on the right or left side of the body and consequently activate only the specific airbag required to protect the wearer. FutureAge senses the fall and inflates in just 60 milliseconds (less than the blink of an eye), and before the person hits the ground.


This is a feature that can make all the difference in the event of an emergency; in the event of a fall, it automatically and immediately sends alert messages to the wearer’s loved ones.
By simply connecting FutureAge to the dedicated app (Dairlab) on your mobile phone, you can alert 3 pre-selected phone numbers in the event of an emergency. The system can also be manually operated (the wearer can call for help just by pressing and holding the belt the front LEDs), as well as automatically during a fall.


FutureAge can be reused: the airbags and the supplied gas generator can be replaced and are easy to reinsert, ensuring the device always functions correctly. Plus, FutureAge’s capacity to sense and deploy only the specific airbag on the side necessary to protect from the fall detected means savings in terms of cost and a device that’s kinder to the environment.

The airbag replacement kit is available in our shop


FutureAge batteries are guaranteed to provide 20 hours of continuous use and can be recharged simply by connecting the device to a charging socket using the USB-C cable supplied.


FutureAge is easy to put on (thanks to the adjustable magnetic clips) and turns on independently when fastened: just put it on and you are instantly protected. FutureAge is equipped with rear and side “pads” that make it comfortable to wear and also promote ventilation.

In addition, FutureAge is equipped with 2 front LEDs that allow easy communication with the user, who can check its proper power and operation, as well as the battery charge status.

FutureAge weighs less than 500gr!
It is lightweight and comfortable. 


FutureAge can be worn underneath or on top of a shirt: its slimline, stylish design means it looks great with everyday clothing. Alternatively, it can be worn underneath clothing and hidden from view. FutureAge will become your indispensable accessory and trusted ally, giving you confidence throughout the day.

Feel protected and give peace of mind to your loved ones with FutureAge

Setup FutureAge with our mobile app:


Feel protected and give peace of mind to your loved ones with FutureAge

Why buy D-Air lab products

D-Air lab was founded as an innovative start-up in 2015 – the entrepreneurial dream of Lino Dainese, who also founded the famed Dainese Spa brand in 1972. D-Air lab has inherited Dainese’s wealth of sport safety and protection expertise (developed in particular for MotoGP riders) and extends its potential by designing products for use in a range of day-to-day situations. For this reason, D-Air lab describes itself as “a start-up with 50 years’ experience” precisely because of the strong pedigree it can draw upon to grow and develop, which is rooted in Dainese’s world-class expertise and technical prowess.

D-Air Lab’s mission is to design products to improve personal safety during day-to-day activities, and this is achieved by developing Intelligent Clothing, designed to provide discreet protection that goes unnoticed by the wearer, and which only deploys when needed.

Intelligent Clothing combines the ability to control air, deploying it only to the area where it’s needed, intelligent algorithms capable of recognizing exactly the right moment to deploy, ergonomics that ensure devices are comfortable to wear and easy to use, attractive designs, meaning not just aesthetically but also in terms of ease of use, and finally, project intelligence, meaning the capacity to actually bring to fruition creative design ideas. On the strength of this wealth of expertise, D-Air Lab carries forward its mission to provide protection and safety to people in their everyday lives.

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